Monday, February 21, 2011

Learn about Political Socialization

Check out this short video about political socialization


  1. Within the past couple of years I have been paying close attention to the political views of my parents. I have begun watching the news and listening in on what my parents have to say about a variety of political issues. Both of my parents are conservative. My mom sides strongly with the republicans while my dad is a little more toward the middle. I often watch fox news with my mom, specifically The O'reilly Factor. So for an hour I enter "the no spin zone" and listen to what O'reilly and his guests have to say about current issues. I never really understood what they talked about until I too Macroeconomic. After hearing what my teacher talked about in class and then listening to it on the news, I agree with a lot of what conservatives say. However, my dad brings up a good point, saying that it is important to hear both the conservative and liberal sides of the issue in order to truly make political good decisions. I have been brought up a conservative but I do not know if i can really say what side I favor because I have not yet been able to experience politics first hand. I am looking forward to the next presidential election because I will be able to vote. Then is when I will really have to pay attention to what each candidate has to say so that I can make my own educated decision.

  2. Devon N.
    -Conneen period 1 AP Gov
    This political socialization video is a really accurate portrayal of how environmental factors form opinions and affect the way one votes. Some of my family members differ on their political ideologies, and I've noticed that personalities play a role in voting too. For example, conservatives primarily base their decisions on facts while liberals value their feelings more than pragmatism. This is why democrats tend to be more sensitive and emotional in their political decisions and discussions.

  3. Devon N
    -Conneen, Period 1 AP GOV
    Additionally, one of the video's examples of a stereotypical liberal voter is a "pro-life community college student in Nashville," which I think is an arguable classification. Although this person is a young student who attends community college (as opposed to a university which implies a lack of finances) which are left-leaning factors, they live in Nashville and are pro-life which are generally conservative factors. In my opinion, this person is a good example of a cross-cutting cleavage.

  4. Conneen Period 1

    This video was very informative and I appreciate it from being absent. I like how the video said the right wing bases its views on morality, meaning anti-abortion and harsh punishment of crime. I find myself to agree with the conservatives more.

    Recently in my Political Thought class, we were discussing if torture should be implemented while interrogating our enemies. The liberals believe prisoners have the same rights as Americans, the conservatives believe its necessary for the security of our country. I found myself split on the issue. I believe with great power comes great responsibility and decided if we truly believe in the values of Constitution we should have it apply to non-Americans as well.

  5. which is odd since i'm right leaning

  6. It has been accepted that the poorer people vote Democratic and that the richer people vote Republican, but this is not necessarily true anymore. A paradox called the "reverse income effect" is appearing in modern politics; this term describes the phenomenon in which the pooer regions of America are voting Republican and the wealthier voting Democratic.